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Welcome to the NASC ePortal

Welcome to the NASC ePortal

The NASC ePortal is the home of NASC guidance online, connected and searchable, available on computers, tablets and smart phones.

The ePortal is the home of TG20:21, the definitive guidance for tube and fitting scaffolding, and SG4:22 - the flagship safety guidance (available for members only).

NASC members also have access to the complete suite of NASC guidance from the ePortal: a knowledge base of Health & Safety, Technical, Contractual and Asset Protection Guidance, Product Purchasing Guidelines, the full suite of NASC Toolbox Talks, and the new Sustainability & Environmental Issues guidance.

NASC guidance library
TG20:21 compliant loading bay

Introducing TG20:21

The good practice guidance for tube and fitting scaffolding

TG20:21 is the definitive guidance for tube and fitting scaffolding.

TG20:21 has been produced by the NASC, as the recognised UK scaffolding industry trade body, with support from the HSE and Build UK.

TG20:21 provides definitions of TG20 compliant scaffolds, which have been designed by structural calculation to BS EN 12811. Any tube and fitting scaffolding erected in accordance with TG20 does not require a bespoke design.

This can be demonstrated with a TG20 compliance sheet, downloaded from the NASC ePortal.

What's new in TG20:21?

The NASC has extended the range of TG20 compliant scaffolds for TG20:21. Tied independent scaffolds can now support up to three inside boards and TG20 compliance sheets are now available for tube and fitting external birdcages and mobile towers.

The TG20 compliant loading bay has been redesigned to be up to 10 boards wide. New compliance options have also been provided for loading bays that are not supported by beams.

The NASC ePortal provides access to the TG20:21 Operational Guide and Design Guide, which are available in electronic form for the first time.

The ePortal also includes the TG20:21 eGuide, the all-new guide to TG20 compliant scaffolding. The TG20:21 eGuide has been completely redeveloped with a new 3D interactive display to show the features of your scaffold as you select your TG20 compliance sheet.

TG20:21 eGuide on iPad and iPhone
TG20:21 compliance sheet

TG20:21 compliance sheets

TG20 compliance sheets have been redesigned for TG20:21 to make them clearer than ever.

They now display an illustration of the scaffold on the front page of the compliance sheet, with the principal compliance criteria such as the maximum dimensions and loading clearly displayed in TG20 compliance badges along the bottom of the page. The detailed compliance criteria, similar to the content of the TG20:13 compliance sheets, are now displayed on the back page.

The application of consistently high standards is key to both safety and productivity on construction projects. Almost everyone on site works off a temporary working platform at some point, and should be able to carry out their job confident in the knowledge that scaffold structures have been properly designed and constructed.

Written by NASC and industry experts, supported by structural research and calculations, and eliminating the need for bespoke designs on the most commonly used structures, TG20:21 sets the standard for scaffolding across the UK.

Suzannah Nichol MBE

Chief Executive, Build UK

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TG20:21 compliant chimney stack scaffold

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